Atlantis Art Challenge

I've uploaded my artwork for hack_benjamin22. It's a little bit unusual, in that it's not a drawing. I did it with images of John, Rodney and Radek and arty stamping inside a spray painted image box. It has been embellished with ribbon, shells, paper cut outs, stamping, pearlex, rubber stamping and embossing.

I do hope you like it, hack_benjamin22. Get in contact with me and we'll sort out how I actually send you the box itself.
Avengers - oh  Steve

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Sign-ups are now closed and your assignments will be mailed out shortly after I finished posting this.

You have until December 1st to complete your art. You can post your art anytime between then and now. Either post straight to the community or link to your own journal. If you post to the community, please use lj-cuts!

The header of your post should include the usual ratings and warnings if neccessary and the name of the recipient. This is important, because no one knows who they're getting a gift from!

If you have any questions, comment here or feel free to e-mail me.
Avengers - oh  Steve

Stargate Atlantis Art Exchange

Welcome to the Stargate Atlantis Art Exchange!

What is this thing and how does it work?

The point of the exchange is for participants to make gift-art for someone else, and receive a piece of art in return. You can choose to do traditional art, graphics, banners, manips or icons*. Het, slash or gen are all welcome!

You sign up on this post using the template below. Sign-ups will run until August 31st. At the end of this period, you will be assigned a partner to make gift-art for. However, you won't know who your gift will be from until it is posted to the community. After all, a bit of suspense makes gifts all the more sweet!

Because the goal of the exchange is to be open to all kinds of art, you won't be able to choose which you will receive. But I believe they all make awesome gifts, so don't let that stop you from participating!

You'll have until December 1st. to complete your art.


To sign up for the exchange, please reply to this post using the following template:

E-mail address: A current e-mail address to reach you at
Highest rating: The highest rating you wish to give or receive
Slash/Het/Gen: Are you willing to make slash, het or gen art?
Likes/Dislikes: You can ramble here! This is were your partner can see what kinds of things you like. So feel free to talk about your favorite ships, your kinks and squicks etc.

If you have any questions, please ask!

* If you choose to make icons, please try to stick to a set of about 3-5, in order to keep the exchange fairly even.